8 Amazing Thanksgiving Centerpieces …


I love putting together a gorgeous holiday table, especially for Thanksgiving, because autumn colors are so dazzling and gorgeous.

I’d love to be able to make my own centerpieces, but no one allows me around a glue gun and I’m not really adept at arts and crafts.

So I’m left looking for awesome centerpieces, and here are some of the most gorgeous ones I’ve found so far!

1. Leaves of Autumn Cascade

Leaves of Autumn Cascade

True to the name, I love the way the leaves cascade on this centerpiece.

It’s like an autumnal waterfall, and the colors are gorgeous.

It’s not incredibly expensive and would make a great fall piece in general, so you could use it for more than just the Thanksgiving holidays.

2. Floral Scented Candles

Floral Scented Candles

I like these because of the colors.

Although this set is kind of pricey, it does come with 23 pieces, and I think there are so many possibilities here.

You could make a really beautiful arrangement with these candles -- though granted, I think anyone out there who is good with crafts could do a beautiful job for half the price!2

3. Buri Turkey

Buri Turkey

I personally am not a huge fan of turkey centerpieces, because I do tend to prefer something that can work for the entire season.

Plus, in spite of their brilliant colors, most turkeys are ugly.

I like this one, though.

It’s different and it’s interesting.

Spice it up with some gorgeous fall leaves, grasses, and flowers, whether real or artificial, and I think it could be smashing.

4. Wheat Sheaf, Pumpkin, and Maple Leaves Centerpiece

Wheat Sheaf, Pumpkin, and Maple Leaves Centerpiece

I love the colors of this centerpiece.

It has acorns, berries, pine cones, and lots of other fall foliage.3

The way it blazes is absolutely gorgeous and, again, it can sit on your table from September to November, if you like.

This is also something that someone good with crafts could easily replicate.

Fall Pillar Candle Holder
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