7 Signs You're a Fashion Junkie ...


We all love to look good, ladies, and part of that is about keeping up with what’s hot on the catwalk.

But, girls, sometimes style can get in the way of other important elements of life;

it’s not ok to spend your entire pay cheque on one pair of shoes – especially if you’ve got a million in your wardrobe that look almost identical.

I’ve asked around and put together this list of 7 signs you’re a fashion junkie.

Read it: you never know, labels might just be ruining your life.

1. You’re a Branded Babe

You’re a Branded Babe

Photo Credit: Ciara Bryans

Putting too much emphasis on labels is dangerous ladies.

It’s so important to recognise that we don’t all have Dior budgets.

Instead of trying to dress head to toe in haute couture, collect a few choice designer pieces and pad the rest of your wardrobe with good quality off-the-rack garments.

2. You Throw Away Clothes Every Season

You Throw Away Clothes Every Season

Photo Credit: whatsyourbirthday.blogspot.com

It’s important to update your look with every seasonal change, but, girls, don’t throw away your entire spring wardrobe when summer rolls around.

What a waste of money and manufacture – simply shed the pieces in your closet that are looking a little worn, and incorporate the rest into your new seasonal look.

3. You’re Willing to Double up

Photo Credit: fashionlaw.foxrothschild.com

If you’re prepared to buy an item even though you already own an almost identical piece, chances are, you’re a fashion junkie.

Good style is about understanding the function of every garment in your closet – why spend good money on something to do a job that’s taken care of already?

4. Your Style Changes All the Time

Your Style Changes All the Time

Photo Credit: deepikabajaj.com

If you’ve reinvented yourself more times than Madonna, you’re a good fashion junkie candidate.

Instead of anchoring your look in your personality, you force yourself to wear a pastiche of what’s hot for the season, and, as a result, you end up spending thousands.

Instead of completely altering your style every few months, try to develop a look that says something about you.

Include a trendy piece here and there, but don’t try to hard to be at the cutting edge.

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