7 Signs of a Child Predator ...


I’m sure that anyone raising children has worried about their safety and always fears the worst.

There’s nothing wrong with being a protective parent, as long as it doesn’t turn into smothering.

Kids need to be able to be kids, but there are people out there who prey on innocent children.

I’ve done some research and collected these 7 signs of a child predator.

Not all child predators have these attributes and many are very sneaky about what they do.

However, these are some of the more common signs.

7. Tries to Gain Your Trust

Tries to Gain Your Trust

Photo Credit: Gustavo Nardelli

By gaining your absolute trust, a child predator can get even closer to your child.

If you instill a multitude in a person, you tend to feel that your child is safe and allow this person to have a bigger part in your child’s life.

This is exactly what a child predator is hoping for.

This is also why most child predators are often well-known to the people whose children have been harmed.

6. Have an Inability to Form Adult Relationships

Have an Inability to Form Adult Relationships

Photo Credit: Pixelkids

People who prey on children tend to focus mostly on kids, which limits their ability to form friendships with adults.

Be on the lookout for an adult who seems to always be surrounded by kids and never by adults.

Sure, there are some individuals who kids are naturally drawn to because of their fun nature, but watch for other warning signs as well.

5. Tries to Constantly Gain Access to Kids

Tries to Constantly Gain Access to Kids

Photo Credit: ?lwaysthesameexcuse

Some child predators are smooth enough to successfully find employment where they can be close to children all day long;

teaching, running a daycare, or some other type of job where there are lots of kids.

There are other individuals who simply hang out by the playground or at parks to try and talk to children.

The child predators who linger in public places where children frequent are often easier to spot.

They tend to look very out of place and like they are waiting for something.

Typically Loners
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