7 Remedies to Help a Wound Heal Quicker ...


I’m sure most of these 7 remedies to help a wound heal quicker aren’t new to you.

I’ve listed quite a few of the more common methods for treating wounds that I know of and provided a few home remedies that also work well.

Feel free to leave your personal remedies in the comment section.

I’m always interested in the different techniques people use for healing wounds.

7. Keep the Wound Clean

It’s best to clean the wound with peroxide until you get all the dirt and debris bubbled out.

Dousing it with some rubbing alcohol or iodine afterwards will make sure that it is thoroughly clean.

Don’t use hand soap or body wash to clean a wound, especially a very deep one.

These tend to contain perfume and a lot of ingredients that can irritate a wound of any size.

6. Apply Antibacterial Ointment

Bactine, Neosporin, Polysporin, or Tea Tree oil are all great antibacterial products that can be added to wounds.

Tea Tree oil might burn a little and shouldn’t be applied to a deep wound.

The other three types of ointment often have pain reliever added to them, so you get the antibacterial benefit plus a reduction in pain.2

5. Don’t Let the Wound Dry out

A cut, scrape, or any size of wound that is allowed to dry out quickly will cause the skin to become tight and will be more likely to bust open on its own.

Be sure not to pick the scab if the wound does dry out rather suddenly.

Apply some ointment and a band aid if necessary to provide some moisture to the wound.

4. Garlic Can Be Used on a Wound if You Don’t Have Antibacterial Ointment

Mash up a clove of garlic and apply the paste to the surface of the wound.

You can also mix the clove with a teaspoon of water to make the concoction a bit thinner.

Cover the paste with a clean cloth to keep it from falling off the wound.

Some people find that garlic irritates the wound, so discontinue this garlic remedy if you experience any pain when it is applied to your wound.

Apply Crushed Plantain Leaves to a Wound to Reduce Inflammation
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