7 Lame Jokes That Make Me Laugh ...


Dumb jokes are fun, don't you think?

So many of them tickle my funny bone, even though they're real groaners.

These are the top 6 lame jokes that make me laugh.

I'm serious, most of them are really awful – so if they make you laugh too, be sure to say so!

I don't want to be alone!

1. The Canada Joke

The Canada Joke

Photo Credit: Lone Primate

Three men were hiking in the wilds north of America, in the country that is now known as Canada.

They gradually realize that they are exploring undiscovered territory.

Man 1 looks at his buddies, clearly excited.3

β€œI think we discovered a new land, eh!” He says enthusiastically.

β€œWe're venturing where no men have ever gone before, eh,” Man 2 agrees, also excited.

β€œLet's name it,” Man 3 decides.

β€œWe'll each pick a letter, so it'll be fair, eh!”2

The three of them agree to this method, and Man 1 begins.

β€œC, eh,” Man 1 starts.

β€œN, eh,” Man 2 continues.

β€œD, eh,” Man 3 finishes.

And that's how Canada got its name!

I know, that's really horrible, right?

I read that in a joke book when I was eight years old, and it's still my favorite.

It's actually the thing that first sparked my love of Canada, and made me so determined to visit the country one day.

For the record, even at eight, I was well aware that Canadians do not say β€œeh” after everything – but I did make my Canadian friend spit water when I shared it with him!

2. The Pseudo Poo Joke

The Pseudo Poo Joke

Photo Credit: steve white 1111

What's brown and sticky?

A stick.


It is!

3. Blueberry Hill

Photo Credit: educationav.com.au

One day, Johnny is late coming to class.

His teacher immediately asks him to explain his tardiness.

β€œI was on top of Blueberry Hill,” Johnny explains, then goes to take his seat.

Ben was even later than Johnny.

When he got to class, his teacher demanded to know what had made him late.

β€œI was on top of Blueberry Hill,” he answered, then went to take his seat.

Danny was late as well.

When he finally came to class, the teacher also demanded to know where he'd been.

His answer was the same as Johnny's and Ben's.

Just as Danny took his seat, a little girl walked into the classroom;

she was the latest of all.

The teacher rolled her eyes and said, β€œLet me guess.

You're late because you were on top of Blueberry Hill.”

β€œNo, ma'am,” the little girl replied, β€œI AM Blueberry Hill!”2

Awful, right?

To be fair, I first read that in One True Thing, by Anna Quindlen.

And promptly, literally, LMAO'd.

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