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Here we are with only 10 weeks left of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season and it’s time to count down the 7 hottest drivers in the series.

Whether they are in line to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, have won NASCAR’s most prestigious races of the season, or are just plain hot… I am going to give you my pick of the 7 hottest guys in NASCAR for the 2010 season.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Photo Credit: therosersg

Dale Jr.

is the driver of the No.

88 Amp/National Guard Chevrolet.

What can be said besides he is a total sign of hotness?

From his clean shaven, short hair cut to the scruffy look he has appeared to have for most of the 2010 season, he looks super-hot both ways!


may not be having a hot racing season, but this southern bad boy doesn’t care what you think of his appearance or his performance on the racetrack.

He does and says whatever he feels.

For Dale Jr., there is no holding back, especially with the women.

2. Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne

Photo Credit: nennykwloha

Kasey is the driver of the No.9 Budweiser Ford.

Kasey may have not made it into the 2010 chase but that baby face and those beautiful blue eyes make him a dream boat of hotness to all young girls, and a fantasy for all the older women.

It’s hard to believe that he is only 30 years old.

What woman could pass up the hotness of that boy next door look or blue eyes you could just stare at all day?

Kasey you are absolutely irresistible!

3. Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart

Photo Credit: NASCAR Says

Tony is the driver of the No.14 Office Depot/Old Spice.

Let’s just start off by saying what woman doesn’t love a bad boy?3

Tony Stewart is not shy and will tell you exactly like it is, or will move you out of the way if you are holding him up.

He is a contender for the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship;

he owns his own race team and is a huge philanthropist.

Who wouldn’t think a guy is hot for giving to those that are in need?

Tony donated 1 million dollars to the Victory Junction Gang Camp back in 2006 to help build a “superdome” that would host indoor sporting facilities.

The Victory Junction Gang Camp is for terminally ill and chronically ill children.

Carl Edwards
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