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This is an article that everybody needs to read! Full of tips and advice for little things in everyday life, you'll definitely get some great ideas! Sometimes, when you get a great piece of advice, or discover a great trick you just HAVE to share it with others and so read on for 7 helpful and great tips for everyday life! I'm sure you will be as pleased with the results as I am every time I use one of these tips!

1. Potty Talk

Do you cringe at the thought of using public restrooms? I've had some pretty....eh, rough experiences myself! If you're like me, you tend to avoid public restrooms like the plague! However, there are times when you just HAVE to use one, and here is a very helpful hint I've discovered. Use the first stall, it's generally the cleanest! Most people avoid the first stall because they think it's used the most. They head for the middle or last stalls, and as a result, those are the most populated! I know I myself have done that on many occasions. Another reason people use the back stalls more is because they have more privacy. But I'd rather have less germs, wouldn't you? So dash into the first stall for a cleaner experience!

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