7 Great Stores for Cute Teen Clothes ...


I am just a regular teenage girl who loves shopping.

In fact, I could say I’m addicted to shopping!

Come on, who doesn’t love cute clothes?

While there are a ton of fab stores to shop at for teens, there are a few that are, in my opinion, best of all!

Here’s a list of 7 great stores for cute teen clothes!

1. Aeropostale


Photo Credit: RetailByRyan95


My absolute, completely, totally, no arguments, hands-down FAVORITE store ever!

I have a totally laid back, relaxed style and the clothes in this store totally cater to that!

Not only are they cute and fashionable, but you can also get some great deals in there.

There always seems to be some kind of sale going on!

2. Rue21


Photo Credit: pixelchicks_photography

At rue21, you can get some awesome stuff, like these hot pink sneakers!

Rue21 is a hip, cool little shop that has everything from clothes to accessories.

They have awesome prices in there, like t-shirts for $5 or dresses for $9.2

Tell me that’s not smart money!

I also love that you can shop in this store no matter your style, preppy, laid-back, tomboy or biker-chic, you will find something for you!

3. Maurices


Photo Credit: vincos

Maurice’s is one of those stores you just wanna grab a girl friend and hang out there all day long!

There are tons of pretty dresses to try on, lots of feminine clothes and many trendy ones as well.

Maurice’s is always up-to-date and right on target with their fashions.

I just love the accessories you find in there too!

4. American Eagle

American Eagle

Photo Credit: ??Ä???Ÿ????

American eagle is one of the ultimate symbols for American teenage clothing.

They have very classy clothes for teenagers, girls and boys alike.

Some may call then preppy, be that as it may, I enjoy shopping in this store and I enjoy the clothes I buy from them.

I recently bought a gorgeous pair of earrings in there that look like something from a designer!

All my friends compliment my outfits when I wear clothes from AE.2

Old Navy
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