7 Disadvantages of Living in a Foreign Country ...


Deciding to relocate and build a new life from scratch is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make because it means leaving your friends, the place you know like the palm of your hand, sometimes even your family and stepping into a relatively or completely unknown territory.

It’s kind of scary and interesting in the same time and, yes, there is a lot of adapting, learning and socializing you’ll need to do in order to feel at home.

Here’s a few things that might seem hard to overcome or cope with:

1. Language Barrier

Language Barrier

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You can spend a year or more learning the language spoken in the country of your future residence only to realize that, once you finally get there, everything people say still remains “all Greek” to you.

You will have to update your vocabulary, practice your pronunciation and learn slang and non-scholar terms.

Some people have the ability to adapt and soak in new things very quickly, almost like a super sponge and some never fully adapt.

Some say it has to do with age and that young people learn new languages faster but I honestly think it has more to do with the desire to learn.

2. You Will Always Be a Foreigner

You Will Always Be a Foreigner

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Now, let me be clear on this one – there is a difference between being a stranger and being a foreigner.

You’ll stop being a stranger eventually but you will always be a foreigner.

This doesn’t mean people will not love you or look at you strange, that just means you will practically have two homes.

Some people chose to look at this as a limiting factor, a sign that you will never fit in completely, but I see this as the chance to have more holidays, learn to cook different traditional meals and speak at least two languages perfectly.

So what if I’m not born there?

We can’t all be born in the same place.2

What would happen if I had been born in a train or a plane for example?

Would that mean I don’t belong anywhere?

Of course not!

Home is where you decide to make it.

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