7 Cute Eyeglass Frames for Women ...


I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7, and though I often wear contact lenses, I still love the way I look in glasses!

I’m always on the lookout for a new pair, and though I have several already, I’ve just found a bunch I adore at LensCrafters.

Oh, joy!

Here are 7 cute eyeglass frames for us women, with a style and color for every pretty face!3

1. Tory Burch TY2002

Tory Burch TY2002

Price: $207.00 at lenscrafters.com

These butterfly-shaped frames come in two colors, black with silver accents or tortoiseshell with gold.

Both are made of durable plastic and are ideal for women with a funkier, edgier style.

They’re casual and fun, aren’t they?

Versace VE1168H
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