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If you’re looking for a quote to put on a card for your loved one, see if any of the cool Valentine’s Day quotes I’ve listed below are of interest to you.

They were fun to find!

I’m always up for something that strays away from the traditional ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue…' Maybe one of the quotes below will inspire you to write your own lovely limerick.

1. Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid

Isn’t this the truth?

When someone mentions Valentine’s Day, I think of heart-shaped items, kisses, love letters, and romantic moments.2

However, the Latin word ‘cupido’ does mean ‘desire,’ which is why he’s associated with love and usually Valentine’s Day as well.

He is considered to be the god of affection, desire, and erotic love, which makes sense because he is said to be the son of the goddess Venus.

2. Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies

I like quotes that rhyme.

This one is sweet, it rhymes, and it isn’t cheesy.

I think it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day card to just about anyone, since it isn’t directed toward any particular person.2

It is merely a statement and a lovely one at that.

3. Fifty-two Names for Love

Fifty-two Names for Love

It’s hard to imagine that there would be that many names for snow, which is what attracted me first to this quote.

I do have to agree with Miss Atwood though, love is definitely important enough to require more than just a single word for it.

4. Love and Lingerie

Love and Lingerie

This quote made me laugh heartily.

I wonder how much lingerie sales go up right before Valentine’s Day.

I also wonder who started the tradition of giving lingerie as a gift.

5. Love Vs. Paperwork

Love Vs. Paperwork

I thought this quote was a great one because there is entirely too much paperwork in this world.2

Filling out forms and giving out endless amounts of personal information is how most people spend much of their day.

I don’t know if life would be simpler without all the paper work necessary to keep things in order, but the world would definitely be a better place if there was more love spread around.2

Without Love
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