7 Berries You Should Eat ...


Berries are brilliant.

Well I think so and nutritionists do too.

Berries not only taste pretty good but they are full of anti-oxidants --– those little phytonutrients that work magic against free radicals and are thought to be anti-aging, disease risk preventing and even symptom curing.

They are also really easy to eat and most are best as nature intended ---– raw.

Here are 7 berries you should eat.

1. Cranberry

These really should be renamed the ladyberry because many a woman swears by them when it comes to problems with the urinary tract.2

It’s quite often a sign that when a woman sticks a carton of cranberry juice in the fridge at work, she’s suffering from cystitis.

The next time you buy a mouthwash, you might find it contains a compound from the cranberry - proanthocyanidine because it prevents plaque formation on teeth.

2. Goji Berry

This strange dry tasting berry, usually from Tibet, contains more Vitamin C than an orange and on the anti-oxidant scale has way way way more than prunes, cherries, blueberries and Kale.

Not only do they do you good, if you buy certified berries from Tibet, you are also helping the economy of a developing nation.

3. Blueberry

One of the berries you should eat is very often the first item that people write down on a list of superfoods.

The blue colour comes from compounds called anthocyanin, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants.

This has been found to be efficacious in slowing down macular deterioration, i.e.

vision impairment that comes with age.

Ladies might also like to know that the polyphenols in blueberries help in the production of collagen which keeps skin supple and reduces wrinkles.

4. Raspberry

This beautiful red fruit is rich in ellagic acid which is the phytonutrient that is being toted as a potent cancer fighter.

This is another one of the berries you should eat if you are concerned about macular degeneration.

Raspberries contain loads of Vitamin C, folic acid, fibre and plenty of metallic minerals.

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