6 Ways to Maximize Your Beauty Sleep ...


Thereโ€™s so much to do these days that getting enough sleep can be impossible sometimes, but we all know that getting our full amount is vital for having gorgeous skin and hair!

If you find life getting in the way of your 8 hours a night, here are my top six ways to maximize your beauty sleepโ€ฆ

1. Fighting Damage

While you are asleep, your skin heals itself from all the damage itโ€™s suffered during the day.

Your body releases melatonin as you get into a deep slumber, and this helps your skin to regenerate and fix any damage.

If you arenโ€™t getting enough sleep, this might not be happening, and your skin will really suffer as a result.

If you want gorgeous,radiant skintry searching for a face cream containing melatonin!

I use Origins Night Health Bedtime Cream, which has worked miracles for my skin!

2. Ponytail No No

Ponytail No No

Photo Credit: coba

Fancy pulling your hair into a tightpony tailand taking a nap?

Donโ€™t do it!

As your move in the night, your hair will be tugged at and damaged, and can even get ripped out.

Instead, try a loose pony tail.

Your hair will thank you for it, and look much healthier!

3. Take Away

Thinking of ordering a take away an hour before bed?

The salt content really isnโ€™t good for eye bags and puffiness, as salt causes your body to retain water.

If you canโ€™t resist that food, though, use an eye roller such as Garniers for fixing the damage and making your eyes look great!

4. Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing

Photo Credit: GuinotGirl

Recent studies have shown that people who suffer from a lack of sleep age much faster then those who donโ€™t.

And they think that for best results, you should be in the โ€˜deep sleepโ€™ stage by 2.30am, ready to wake up at 8am.

Not going to manage it?

Instead make sure you use some high qualityanti ageing products!

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