6 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Cheeky Panties ...


Victoria’s Secret always has the hottest lingerie, and they always seem to be in front of all of thehottest trends, too.

When they introduced their cheeky panties, I was in heaven… I love these, and they’re all around $16 each!

They show off just a little bit of your sweet little cheeks, perfect for enticing little pinches and playful pats.

Here is my list of the hottest Victoria’s Secret cheeky panties… oh la la!

1. Victoria’s Secret Fishnet & Lace Cheeky Panty

Price: $16.00 at victoriassecret.com

So cheeky, so flirty, so sexy!

They’re all slinky fishnet and trimmed in contrasting lace all around.2

These show a lot of your sweet little cheeks, and are available in nine hot colors.

So undeniably naughty!

Pair with a sheer half-cami and a saucy feather boa and watch your sweetie’s jaw hit the floor…3

Victoria’s Secret the Lacie Cheeky Panty
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