5 Fit Posts to BlogStalk...


1. Making Time at the Gym Count

Try these exercises that will burn more calories in less time.

This is definitely perfect for those who do not have time (or refuse to have time) to work out regularly.

2. Working out While Working

With the help of a TrekDesk!

It is a desk that allows you to burn calories when working.

You can even attach a treadmill for maximum health benefits.2

3. Dealing with Emotional Eating

If you are an emotional eater or knows someone who is an emotional eater, read this blog post to find help.

Your problem may seem fine to you but it is best if you deal with it.

4. Stay Fit This Thanksgiving

You might think that it is hard to be fit during this holiday but there are some great tips that can help you keep your health and weight.

5. No-Guilt Thanksgiving Desserts and Sides

Check these healthy recipes for making desserts and sides this Thanksgiving.

You can indulge and not feel guilty!

Top Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

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