15 Fantastic Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him ...


Still undecided on your man’s Valentine’s Day gift?2

1. Silk Tie

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If you're anything like me than you'll agree that a man looks his best when he’s dressed like a real gentleman.

One of the most important elements of a sharp dresser is their choice of tie, so help him to look even more like your dream man with this elegant silk tie, perfect for date nights and formal occasions where you can look like a million dollars together!

Price: $49.50 - m.shop.nordstrom.com

2. Luxury Shaving Kit

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Doesn't it feel like the era of the hipster beard is starting to pass?

If your man is considering getting rid of his own facial hair, then a gift like a luxury shaving kit can be really thoughtful and useful at the same time.

Something like this is perfect!

Price: $43.00 - m.shop.nordstrom.com

3. Beer

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There are literally thousands of different varieties of beers and ales out there on the market these days;

there has definitely been a surge in popularity for unique, independent alcoholic beverages that are little different from the norm.

Give your boyfriend a taste of this with a specially picked assortment of delicious beers.

Price: $16.99 - amazon.com

4. Leather Wallet

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If you want your man to return the favor of your amazing gift giving skills, then you better make sure that he has a nice, sturdy wallet in which to hold and then spend his money!

There is something about a great quality leather wallet that feels really timeless, which makes it a perfect choice for a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Price: $100 - m.shop.nordstrom.com

5. Cologne

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Let's be real, we all prefer it when our boyfriends smell of some pleasant fragrance rather than the sweat of their workout or their game of soccer with their friends!

Give him an easy way to boost his scent but buying him a bottle of great men's cologne.

There are so many to choose from online, but I think it's always best to go with a classic like this!

Price: $90 - m.shop.nordstrom.com

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