2 Die 4: Topshop Pom Pom Legwarmers ...


Looks like one of the hottest accessories this season are legwarmers and I just found one that will not only keep you warm but look oh-so-cute while at it!

I love legwarmers.

I think most of us look great in them.

Infact I can't think of anyone who'd look otherwise.

And these are not your run-of-the-mill ordinary legwarmers.

Well, for the most part they are but those pom poms add a touch of much needed fun!

They also come in white but I should not be wearing anything white ever.

Also, these ones would just look better against the white snow don't you think?

Too bad, I don't even need a jacket where I live let alone legwarmers :(

Price: $24 at Topshop.com

Don't you think these are perfect to shoo away a boring winter day!

Aww that rhymed :D

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