2 Die 4: OndadeMar Funky Coverup ...


Remember when I found the most adorable bathing suit by OndadeMar?

Looks like I just found the perfect OndadeMar Funky Coverup to go with it...

I think I'm having a color orgasm right now!

:D No but seriously, how gorgeously summery are these colors?!

All I need are some flip flops, a giant hat (a la Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City movie), a beach tote and my favorite magazine and I'd be set for a lazy day at the beach.

You've got to hand it to me...I do paint quite a picture!

This coverup gets a big HELL YES from me!

I promise I'll stop looking at beachwear now...

Price: $60 at Ondademar.com (it's Black Friday 50% off sale, guys!)

So which of you are funky enough to wear this with a fabulous bathing suit on your next day at the beach?

I'd love to know!

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