2 Die 4: Coach Multi Stone Snap Earrings ...


It's almost the New Year and I always like to buy myself a little something as a treat for getting through the year and still emerging sane.

This year I'm thinking of these...

Aren't these just immaculate?

Essentially, they are gold plated earrings with shiny stones by Coach and they are lovely!2

There are accessories that go with a lot of stuff in your wardrobe and then there are special accessories like these...meant to be worn on special ocassions with special dresses and people.

And right now I'm thinking this would go perfectly with the dress I have planned for New Years.

Price: $98 at Coach.com

Be still my beating heart.

By the way if you are a guy looking for some of the good lovin' from the girlfriend, buy her these.

Happy New Year everyone :)

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