15 Sexiest Super Heroes ...


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Aren't super heroes super sexy?

Those super powers, those super hot uniforms, those hot looks...

I personally love them all!

But if I were to choose, I'd probably go with the Catwoman.

And what about you, which super hero would you rather be?

15. Batman- Christian Bale

Batman- Christian Bale

Super Hero Powers: Agility

Super Hero Uniform: Mask with bat ears. A cape on his back, which allows him to glide and tights. Don’t forget about his utility belt, which has all of his gadgets.

The Sexiest Trait: The way he walks.

14. Wolverine- Hugh Jackman

Wolverine- Hugh Jackman

Super Hero Powers: Healing Factor and Senses

Super Hero Uniform: Sharp Claws, brown with yellow stripe down the middle (modern), all yellow (second modern), white shirt and blue pants.

The Sexiest Trait: Hair and muscles

13. Mystique- Rebecca Romijn

Mystique- Rebecca Romijn

Super Hero Powers: Shapeshifter

Super Hero Uniform: Her body naturally has scales. She also likes wearing a white dress.

The Sexiest Trait: The way she sneaks around.

12. Sabretooth- Liev Schreiber

Sabretooth- Liev Schreiber

Super Hero Powers: Healing factor, beastlike features

Super Hero Uniform: A trench coat.

The Sexiest Trait: The beastlike features that he has.

11. Sue Storm/ the Invisible Girl- Jessica Alba

Sue Storm/ the Invisible Girl- Jessica Alba

Super Hero Powers: Is able to turn invisible2

Super Hero Uniform: The black skin tight outfit.

The Sexiest Trait: The way she looks when she goes invisible.

10. Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr

Super Hero Powers: Intelligence and the suit he wears.

Super Hero Uniform: A Superhuman suit that keeps him alive. Has the capabilities of flying and shooting. It is pretty much indestructible.

The Sexiest Trait: Facial features

9. Catwoman- Halle Berry

Catwoman- Halle Berry

Super Hero Powers: Catlike features such as agility.

Super Hero Uniform: A two piece black outfit and a mask that has cat ears on it.2

The Sexiest Trait: The way she walks. It’s so catlike.

Baroness- Sienna Miller
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