40 Best Inexpensive 🎁 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend 💑 ...


Are you in need of buying a gift for your special someone 💝?2

If you’re anything like me, you’re out of pocket, underfunded — broke.

But that’s no reason to neglect the man in your life!

He’s most deserving, isn’t he?

Sure you'd like to get him a great cologne or a cool gadget.2

But, there are tons of great gifts you can give your boyfriend that won’t put you into debt.

Here’s my list of the 30 best inexpensive gifts for men.

Or, more precisely, for your boyfriend, husband, or fiancé.

1. Frame It

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Find a great photo of the two of you, have a copy made, and put it in a black leather or chrome frame.

A nice frame can be as inexpensive as ten dollars!

2. Take a Photo

hair,hairstyle,black hair,fashion,gown,

If you’re not too shy, have a close friend take some tasteful boudoir photos of you.

Keep it clean, but sexy.

No crotch shots, no nipples!

Print a few and add them to a small album.

Or, burn your favorites to a CD.

Either way, those photos of you are guaranteed to warm his heart (and other parts!) til spring!2

3. Make a Coupon Book


Whether you just started dating, or you’ve been together forever, a coupon book is a great way to give a gift that actually works for you, too.

Coupons can be hand-made or printed, and can be for things like “Get out of one argument free” or “Day of football” or “Good for one back massage.” Get creative!

4. Pamper Him


Break out your pumice and peppermint foot scrub and treat him to an at-home pedicure.2

Soak his feet in very warm water for ten minutes while massaging his hands with non-girlie scented lotion (no fruits or flowers!).

Then pat his feet dry, massage the pumice scrub into them, rinse well, and rub with that same non-scented lotion you used on his hands.

Put Him on the Naughty List
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