12 Ways to Tighten Your Stomach after Having a Baby ...


It’s been a few months since you had your baby, and you finally have the energy to start exercising again. Of course, the very first spot you want to work on is your tummy. It can seem difficult to lose that baby-belly fat, but it’s not! Here are the exercises I did, and the diet changes I made, to help me tighten my tummy after my last baby was born. Not all of the exercises are crunches! You don’t have to do them all β€” just find three or four that you know you can do, and go from there!

1. Exercise: Single-Leg Squat

This one is fun, but difficult the first few times. Stand with your hands on your hips, your legs about hip-width apart, and your knees a little bent. Not too hard! Now raise your right foot off of the ground, and put it in front of the toes of your left foot a few inches off the ground. Stand up, then squat back down. This will also tighten your bootie and tone your legs. Do as many of these as you can, then switch legs. Wow!

Exercise: Single-Leg Balance/Reach
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