12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch ...


Meeting up with friends can be hectic if you’ve got a busy schedule and are trying to fit everything in!

So it seems like common sense to combine chatting with two of your main meals, and save yourself some time.

The problem, though, is knowing what to wear.

Worry not, here’s my guide to how to dress for brunch!

1. Don’t Wear Jeans!

While you don’t have to dig out your best clothes, jeans are far too casual.

Brunch should be about looking casual yet chic, so jeans and trainers just aren’t right...

2. Look after Your Hair!

Wearing a bun, or a quick and easy pony tail?

Find a few minutes to let your hair down and find some chic hair accessories to hold it out of your face.

I love putting a light curl in my hair and adding a cute hair band, it looks so girly!

3. Small Details...

Find the time to make sure that your nails look good.

There is nothing worse than looking your best and then realizing that your nails and uneven and look terrible.2

Take a few minutes to get friendly with a nail file and a manicure kit, and you’ll feel so much better for it!

4. Jewellery!

I love selecting what jewellery to wear for different events, and dressing for brunch requires some careful selection.

Look for something cute, but simple.

A gold chain or simple pendant necklace is perfect, and I think small jewelled earring peeping out from behind hair always looks divine.

Just remember to think simple and chic, its brunch not an evening out!

5. The Shoes!

The shoes are important, too.

Think Spring time shoes in France...you want pale or pastel coloured heels, with simple details.

Chunky heels are out, as are anything too dark, although you might get away with silver, gold or black depending on the colour of your outfit.

I have a gorgeous pair of pale pink strappy heels with butterflies on them, they are my favourite for daytime events!

The Dress!
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