15 Tips on How to Deal with You and Your Friend Liking the Same Guy ...


So, what happens when you and your friend like the same guy?

This can put a huge damper on a friendship if it isn't handled gently.

There's no need to ruin a lifelong friendship over a guy, but it has happened in the past to many people.

I've written down some tips for ways that might help remedy the β€œone guy, two friends” situation.

1. Walk Away

This is probably the hardest way to handle the situation for some people.

It just might be the only quick way to remedy it though.

Being able to walk away from a weird love triangle might be the best for all those involved.

It often takes a more mature person to walk away from a situation such as this.

So be the bigger person and stop pursuing him.

Is it really worth ruining your friendship over a guy who may or may not like you?

2. Be Open about It

Don't keep your feelings bottled up, even if your friend started liking him first.

If you keep all those feelings inside, you'll start to resent your friend if she does in fact end up with him.

Sit her down and just let her know that you've developed feelings for him!

3. Watch How Your Friend Reacts

Muster up the guts and tell her.

It can get pretty awkward if she finds out from someone else!

When telling your friend that you like the same guy she does, be sure to watch her reaction, especially if you have a friend that won't tell you right away about how she really feels.

Sometimes things have to sink in for a while before someone can talk about it.

Keep an eye on her facial expressions as you are telling her.

This should be a good indicator for telling if she's mad, sad, or indifferent.

Look at His past Relationships
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