11 Self-Destructive Behaviors ...


We all deal with life in our own ways.

It’s not always easy but we make do with our individual capabilities and limitations.

While some people go through life with savvy and finesse, some of us take the negative route and harm ourselves in the process.

We fall into lies and desperation, unhealthy or dysfunctional patterns, and we slowly dig our own graves.2

This is self-destructive behavior and many are formed by an individual’s deliberate choice, an acquired or developed habit, or even impulses that can’t be controlled.

Here are some common self-destructive behaviors women, and even men, engage in.

1. Eating Disorders

Men and women fall prey to this self-destruction as they become more exposed to media’s lies about beauty.2

They try to fit into the ideal beauty at the cost of their health and even their lives.

These men and women diet and exercise excessively and this habit eventually turns into eating disorders.

They develop a fatal addiction to control, to calorie restriction, purging, and over-exercise.

2. Self-Injury or Self-Harm

The truth of the matter is, physical pain is concrete and thus more manageable than emotional pain.

This is why a lot of people choose to injure themselves to cope with the overwhelming pain inside.

Cutting, burning, skin picking, breaking bones, choking, hair pulling, and stabbing are just some examples of how people injure their physical bodies.

3. Alcohol Abuse

Many people drink copious amounts of alcohol because it numbs the pain, brings down their inhibitions, and makes them forget about their problems in life.2

And although alcohol seems like an innocent substance because it is legal, it can cause serious physical, mental, and emotional damage to the drinker.

The lives of the people around them are also affected.

4. Drug Abuse

Prescription or illegal drugs, it really doesn’t matter.

Drug abuse is drug abuse no matter what is used.

Much like alcohol, drugs help people cope with the reality of their lives.

And again, abusers don’t only destroy their lives, but also the lives of the people who care about them.

Failure to Acknowledge Feelings
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