10 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Happier Every Day ...


When was the last time you felt happy?

Most people make the mistake of thinking life has to make them happy and when it doesn’t go their way or nothing happens to cheer them up, they wonder why they feel so flat.

There are things you can do to keep yourself happy, though.

Here’s my list of the top ten ways to make yourself feel happier every day.2

1. Be Healthy

Be Healthy

Photo Credit: Valentinian

Being healthy will ensure you release the right amount of endorphins to make yourself feel good. Make sure you are eating right and take the dog for a run. You’ll feel much better when you're done!

2. Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying

Photo Credit: My Personal Point of View

Worrying won’t get you anywhere and will just make you unhappy and cause stress.

Either do something to fix the problem or forget about it!

Some things are out of your hands, and accepting that will make you much happier.

3. Compliment Others

Compliment Others

Photo Credit: Tja'Sha ♥

Have you seen a woman with lovelyshiny hair, or a girl in a gorgeous coat?2

Tell them how great they look.

You’ll make them feel great, and in turn you’ll feel great too.

Make sure you mean it though!

4. Sing


Photo by JaviC

Put your favourite songs on loud and sing along.

Singing causes the brain to release chemicals which will make you feel happy, and you’ll have burnt calories and had fun too!

Make time for this every day.

5. Get a Pet

Get a Pet

Photo Credit: kaoni701

Petting an animal is supposed to make you feel good and having someone around to talk too and make sure you aren’t lonely is good too.

Walking a dog is a good way to keep fit, too!

It’s a win win situation.

Enjoy the Present
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