10 Ways to Keep a New Guy Interested ...

So you've found a new guy and you really like him.

He likes the same music as you, he says sweet #things and he texts you random cuteness throughout the day to let you know he's thinking of you.

My guess, you're tumbling head over heels into a big vat of emotion and you want to find a way to make him feel the same way.

Well, have no fear, I have you top ten ways to keep that new guy interested!

1. Switch up the Routine

Switch up the Routine

Photo Credit: nevil zaveri

So you've had a few dates with this guy.

A couple of dinners, a couple of movies and if you're modern minded, you've had a few PG-13 sleep overs.

You've gotten into a routine.

Well, now is the time to break it.

You can't get too comfortable too early on or your guy will lose interest fast.

So, instead of making him dinner and watching a movie at your place, why not take him on a grand adventure through a park for a moonlit picnic?