10 Tips on How to Meet a Man of Your Dreams ...


Every girl wants to meet her Prince Charming, but who has the time to wait around these days?

But if you are fed up with waiting, here’s my top ten tips on how to meet a man of your dreams!

1. Know What You Want!

Think carefully about what is important to you, and what isn’t so important.

Seperate your dream man from your mums, or your best friends, and see what you actually want.

Because if you don’t know, how is he going too?!2

2. Look Ready

Have your hair cut, wear make up, shave your legs.

You don’t know when he’ll pop up, but you can bet that it’ll be when you couldn’t be bothered to cut your hair and have the hairiest legs ever.

Set out to impress, every day.

3. Be Ready!

If when he says Hi, you giggle like a school girl, go bright red and can’t speak, he isn’t going to be blown away by your confidence and sophistication.

Read newspapers, watch the news, and remember funny jokes.

Make sure you can talk, and he’ll be much more impressed!2

4. Get to Know People

That cute guy in Spanish class, or the mysterious man at work...

whoever it is, he could be Mr.Right in the wrong clothing.

Take the time to talk to people you wouldn’t usually, and you might be surprised about where you find your prince!

5. Try Something New

Ever wanted to bungee jump, learn to sail or paint?

Give it a go.

Take your new confidence with you, and talk to as many people as possible.2

Self improvement will give you a real buzz, and who knows who you might meet?

6. Be Aware of the Weirdos

Remember that you are not desperate.

The first man to offer you a kiss and invites himself in for a coffee might not be the one, and you shouldn’t settle for less.

Just ask the hundreds of women who waste years on the wrong man!

Let Him Chase You
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