10 Tacky Wedding Songs ...


I don’t know at what point club songs started making their way onto wedding playlists but it’s a trend that must be stopped.

Maybe we can blame the Village People.

I mean, sure, it is a celebration and you want to get everyone dancing, but there are some songs that just aren’t meant to be played at such a fancy event.

Some songs make you’re special day exactly what you don’t want it to be, tacky.

Here are tacky songs that should stay far away from your wedding

1. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas

I’m going to be honest here, the Black Eyed Peas don’t have a single song in their catalogue that is appropriate for a wedding.2

They just don’t.

I know you’re going to try to come at me with “Let’s Get It Started” (which is actually called Let’s Get Retarded), that Pump It song and their new one I’ve Got A Feeling.

Just don’t - you won’t win this argument.

2. Gold Digger – Kanye West

When Kanye isn’t using his massive ego to make a huge fool of himself, he’s making music.

Good music - the fun stuff that gets you dancing and ready to have a good time.

This song included.

What makes it wrong for a wedding though?

Just listen to the lyrics.

I rest my case.

3. Baby Got Back – Sir Mix ALot

You’d think that this wouldn’t require much explanation, but if it has to be said, well then you know someone has done it.

I can’t think of any instance in which this song SHOULD be played.

4. Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry

It’s obvious that this song is out, or at least should be, because calling your wedding a mistake at the reception might not be the best idea.

Don’t even think about I Kissed A Girl and while we’re at it, let’s throw in Hot N Cold too.

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
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