10 Liposuction Pros and Cons ...


Have you been thinking about getting liposuction?

Do you know about the changes your body will be going through as a result of the surgery?

Do you know how long it is going to take you to recover from liposuction?

Below, I am going to give you some pros and cons that I have personally researched and read from blogs of people who have went through liposuction before.

First, I am going to start off with the pros:

10 Liposuction Pros:

# 10

Of course, the best part of it is that it can help you get that body you have always wanted.

Thatโ€™s right, when you get liposuction, you will be on your way to losing weight.

# 9

Liposuction can take away those fat cells for good.

This way your body is never going to have extra fat cells and that is why it is easier to improve it.

# 8

Liposuction is a procedure that is very popular and it is generally safe.3

# 7

Right after liposuction, most of the patients are mobile.

However, an extra day or two of bed rest may be needed.

This is especially true if a large amount of fat was removed.

# 6

The results will not take all that long to become visible.

Patients have reported that in two or three weeks, they have seen the results.

# 5

Within 2 years, most individuals lose two thirds of their extra weight.

# 4

Most diseases that are associated with obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain and incontinence will often improve.

# 3

You may also be reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems such as a heart attack.

# 2

Studies have shown that those who lost weight upgraded in their career and made more money.

# 1

You will feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

Your confidence will start to shine through and you can wear those skinny jeans!When there are pros to something, especially surgery and other procedures, there is always downfalls.

Below, I am going to tell you the cons of having liposuction performed.

10. Liposuction Cons:

# 10

To become a surgical candidate you would need to fail consistently in losing weight.

You will need to prove that you tried.

You also need to be morbidly obese, which means over 100 pounds of the weight you should be at for your age and height.

# 9

As I stated, it will take two to three weeks to see some effects.

However, you will need to wait anywhere from six months to one year after surgery in many cases.

# 8

This type of procedure could leave some type of scarring.

After having the surgery, you may be able to return to work after a couple of days, however, there may still be some scars and bruising on your skin after months of having the procedure.

# 7

Healing is a gradual process and there are no exceptions with this procedure.

Your surgeon may recommend you wearing a tight-fitting garment, a lot like a girdle after you have surgery.

This is to reduce the swelling that occurs.2

You may need to wear this garment for up to six weeks.

# 6

The stitches you will receive are not the type that just dissolve.

These are the type you will need to have removed after about one week.

# 5

Right after surgery, you may not feel great.

During the procedure, you will be receiving extra fluids and you will likely go through some bruising and swelling.

# 4

Of course, with any surgical procedure, you have a risk of facing some side effects.

Those side effects are pretty common.

Vomiting is a common effects of liposuction.

# 3

There could be some nutritional deficiencies, particularly with what is known as malabsorptive operations.

This effect could lead to anemia.

# 2

There is a big risk that you could experience blood clots.

# 1

A common complication is an abdominal hernia.

Rapid weight loss after this procedure will put you at risk of gallstones.

As you see, there are cons to having liposuction done, but there are also pros.

The pros โ€“ losing weight, feeling beautiful and being healthy are something that many would almost sell their soul for, so they do not look at the cons very much.

Are you thinking of having liposuction with?

Have you ever experienced it?

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