10 IKEA Items to Furnish Your Home ...


Admit it … we all love IKEA!

Okay, so we’re not so enamored of those cavernous stores, and the fight for a parking space, but aside from a few weird offerings, their furniture is great.

I could furnish my whole house from there (admittedly, that wouldn’t be difficult given the size of it).

Here are my favorite items.

1. Hovas Sofa

Hovas Sofa

Price: $799 at ikea.com

My idea of a good sofa is one that's big enough to lounge on.

In fact, this looks like it would take up my entire lounge!

I like the 'Graddo brown' shade, as it looks like it could cope with me dropping crumbs all over it (could any Swedish speakers enlighten us as to what Graddo actually means?).

2. Floro King Size Bed

Floro King Size Bed

Price: $449 at ikea.com

I need a king-size bed just for me and the cats!3

This simple, fuss-free style would suit me fine.

The covers can be removed for cleaning, when all those cat hairs get too much.

3. Expedit Bookcase

Expedit Bookcase

Price: $199 at ikea.com

This bookcase ought to be big enough to accommodate my library!2

I like the small compartments, so that you can keep your books tidy, and also use it for other things like candles, ornaments and photos.

4. Fusion Table and Chairs

Fusion Table and Chairs

Price: $299 at ikea.com

I love clever design, and this is an ace idea.

Perfect for my small flat!

The chair backs are shaped, so when they are pushed in they occupy minimal space.

If you have lots of friends, they'll have to use the following …

5. Leksvik Coffee Table

Leksvik Coffee Table

Price: $119 at ikea.com

A coffee table does sound so terribly 70s and middle-class, but it doesn't have to be used just to put your coffee on.

It can provide extra table space when you have guests, as mentioned above.

Plus it's great for putting your feet up (I speak from experience).

Aspelund Wardrobe
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