10 Great Foreign Pop Songs...


I’m one of those people that listens to a little bit of everything.

I don’t mean that in the “whatever is on the radio” kind of way – I listen to music from other places in languages that I don’t speak.2

You’d be surprised by the amount of great music being made across the world.

Here are 10 foreign pop songs that get a lot of play in my iPod...

1. Shakira – Lo Hecho Esta Hecho

I’ve always preferred Shakira’s music in Spanish.

I think there is a growl in her voice that just doesn’t translate as well into English.

Imagine how excited I was to find that her song about was also in Spanish!


Another perk of this song is the video.

She paired up with dancer, Daniel “Cloud” Campos for a steamy video.

It's okay, you can hit the repeat button over and over.

I won’t tell!

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
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