10 Funniest Myths about Women's Clitoris ...

I have to admit, I have read some funny stuff in my past about different things.

Recently, I read a list of funny #things about the womanโ€™s clitoris that people, particularly guys, thought were true.

Take note that comments are welcome, but I am not the one that came up with these myths, I am just telling you about them.

Some come from words I have heard from people and out of books, while others come from blogs on the Internet.

Below are 10 funniest myths about womenโ€™s clitoris that I have ever seenโ€ฆ

10. Girls Pee out of the Butt

I had a friend for the longest time that insisted that girls pee out of their butts!

He believed this one until he was twenty years old.

Today, he is a certified EMT.

Can you imagine the irony?