10 Foods to Never Put in Your Mouth...

Everyone knows that some foods are bad for us, but why has there never been a list of the ones we should always be avoiding?

Itโ€™d make life so much easier...don't you think?

Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve compiled this list of ten foods that you should never put in your mouth.

Easier said than done but definitely worth a shot!

1. Pie


Photo Credit: VROG in Bristol

Okay, so not all pies are bad.

Some are, though!

Pie makers have got a bit sneaky recently...

for example, hereโ€™s one I found at random.

The box states 520 calories and 12g of fat...

not too bad, right?

Well thatโ€™s for half a pie...

so if you eat the lot, like most people do, youโ€™ve consumed a whopping 1,040 calories and 24g of saturated fat.


I'd rather stick to a low fat dessert!