10 Foods to Never Put in Your Mouth...


Everyone knows that some foods are bad for us, but why has there never been a list of the ones we should always be avoiding?

It’d make life so much easier...don't you think?

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of ten foods that you should never put in your mouth.

Easier said than done but definitely worth a shot!

1. Pie


Photo Credit: VROG in Bristol

Okay, so not all pies are bad.

Some are, though!

Pie makers have got a bit sneaky recently...

for example, here’s one I found at random.

The box states 520 calories and 12g of fat...2

not too bad, right?

Well that’s for half a pie...

so if you eat the lot, like most people do, you’ve consumed a whopping 1,040 calories and 24g of saturated fat.


I'd rather stick to a low fat dessert!

2. Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, and Similar

Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, and Similar

Photo Credit: roxiemich

Everyone knows Italian food is lovely, and it can be really hard to choose between it...

so restaurants have started serving the Tour of Italy, a combination of lasagna, chicken parmigiana and creamy fettuccine alfredo...

sounds divine, right?

For 1,450 calories, you’d need it to be!2

It also contains 33g of fat, and if you have the salad and a bread stick too, you’ve consumed 2,000 calories.

Nearly a whole day's worth!

And what if you decided to have a niceglass of winealong with it?


3. Soup?!


Photo Credit: ilmungo

I always thought soups were diet friendly...

some of the ones I looked at were horrific.

Most of the cans state lovely low calorie and salt levels, but usually quote them for half or a quarter of a can when everyone has the whole can!

Check the levels on your favourite...

if you really love soup, making your own is a brilliant way to lower the calories as you don’t need to add preservatives, or try to go for a low sodium variety.

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