10 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School ...


It seems that school budgets keep getting smaller and smaller as the states cut back on their education budgets.

Lots of parents are getting involved, helping their neighborhood schools to raise money for things like field trips, guest speakers, books for the library, and more!

Here are some easy ways we've found to raise money for your school!

Some of these are one-time fundraisers for your school, and some are ongoing projects...2

and all of them are easy!

1. Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

Photo Credit: ladybugbkt

Is there anything better than free money for your school?

This program is so easy, it's a wonder every school in the nation isn't participating.

Parents and teachers just look for the little coupons on grocery items they buy every week, from Nature Valley granola bars to cold cereal to juice!3

Tear off the coupons, bring them to school, then the school ships them in for cold hard cash!

2. Campbell's Soup Labels

Campbell's Soup Labels

Photo Credit: StevenBrisson

This program works very much like the Box Tops.

Simply remove the coupon part of the label, save them up in a pile, then take them to school.

The school can trade them in for cash, or they can cash them in for library books, gym equipment, and art supplies.

3. Bottle Return

Bottle Return

Photo Credit: Aine D

Here in Michigan, there's a ten-cent deposit on bottles of any juice, soda, water, or alcohol with carbonation.2

The store charges you the deposit up front, then you save the bottles and return them for the cash.

Send home a flyer asking parents to send in their empties (rinsed out, of course!) and then have the student council sort them and take them back.

At a dime apiece, the total cash will add up quickly!

4. Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

Photo Credit: GatorJake12

Call your local recycling center and see if they offer a recycling program fundrasier for schools.

We have a large dumpster outside of my daughter's elementary school that collects paper, and for every four tons they collect, the school earns $60.

Four tons may seem like a lot of paper, but there are hundreds of families at our school, so we reach our quota very quickly, and we're helping the environment!

Inkjet/Cell Phone Recycling
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