10 Coolest Insects ...


Yes, I like insects, is that weird?

I think they’re cool.

While they’re all cool, there are some that are cooler than the others.

I would like to tell you about 10 coolest insects, so get ready for this creepy crawly blog!

Oh and don’t run!

They’re not going to jump out on you from the screen…2

10. Dragonflies


Photo Credit: AgniMax

They have large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong wings and a long body.

They are much like damselflies.

Dragonflies have six legs, just like any other insect has, but they are not able to walk.

They are valuable as they eat mosquitoes and other small insects such as ants, bees, flies and sadly, butterflies.

9. Katydids


Photo Credit: Tanya Puntti

I know them as katydids, they are in the Tettigoniidae family.

In British English, they are known as bush-crickets.2

They are also referred to as long horned grasshoppers.

Don’t you think they look neat?

They take on the shape and colors of leaves.

8. Walkingsticks


Photo Credit: Wesley Chan

They are also known as the Phasmatodea.

They have a natural camouflage.

That natural camouflage makes them difficult to see.

Have you ever came across a walkingstick in your yard?

Aren’t they cool-looking?

7. European Mantis

European Mantis

Photo Credit: hamadryades

I always liked the manits.

They are also known as the Praying Mantis.

Their shades come in bright green and tan.

They have a black ring spot right under the fore coxae.

What do you think of them?

6. Ladybug


Photo Credit: Habub3

Personally, I always thought of the ladybug as good luck.

Whenever I see a ladybug, that means I have good luck near.

They are neither birds nor bugs.

They are known for being useful insects, because they feed on other insects in a garden.

5. California Dogface Butterfly

California Dogface Butterfly

Photo Credit: davidhofmann08

This is one cool-looking butterfly.

Butterflies are beautiful nonetheless, but this one really caught my eye.

In the state of California, since 1972, this has been the state insect.

The wing pattern resembles the face of a dog.2

Some say it looks like a poodle.

Brentid Weevils
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